Simplest cron monitoring

Add your cron entries and we will alert you when they don't run.

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Easy Setup

Just copy paste your cron entries and we will track them.

Timely Alerts

Choose to receive alerts via any channel. Email, SMS, webhook and Slack.

Simple analytics

Quickly use our dashboard to find which of your jobs fail most and if they were down at any particular time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What other user's asked us

Is it easy to integrate?

We have a cli which can automatically identify crontabs and imports in to your cronpress account. however the integration is fairly simple too.

What alerts do you support?

We now support alerts via sms, email , webhook and Slack.

Is this free?

It is for now. May be we can talk later?

Do i get support or is this project actively maintained?

I built this to scratch an itch and intend to use it for all my projects. So if it's broken for you, it's broken for me too. That said. It's not an SLA


Who built this?

Theyagarajan S

Engineer <=> Product Manager

Wanna be SaaS